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Our Clinic


Procedure & Program

The Srk Clinic, opened by Serkan Aydin, is 100% owned by our company.  We take care of all our patients with experience and competence a sure support for our entire team.

Equipped with the highest standards of hygiene and modern micro devices in conjunction with experienced staff, we carry out your operation as precisely as possible. You can relax in a family-like atmosphere.

We organize everything for you (registration + hotel + transfer + operation)

Stay 3 nights (extension possible on request)

· Resting phase 8-10 days, after which you are back to regular life

· After 8 days you may wear any headgear

· You must avoid the first 3 weeks - sauna, indoor pool and strength training

· After 3 weeks, the transplanted hair almost always fall out, as the hair roots go into the resting phase. Renewed and then permanent growth occurs after about 10 to 12 weeks. 3 to 6 months after your treatment, the roots gradually start to develop new hair. The final result of hair transplantation is visible after 10-12 months, when your permanently strong hair has regrown.


· The operation takes 7-8 hours

· You take antibiotics for 1 week and if needed painkillers

· The preliminary examination is on the day of operation in the morning from 8am

· The operation starts from 9am

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