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Macrophotography of a hair bulb transpla
Micromotor FUE 

In hair transplantation using the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction), hair root groups are detached one by one, using a hollow needle (about 0.65 mm to 1.0 mm in diameter) in the area of the hair ring and then removed. There is no significant bleeding, as no scalpel is used.

Transplant Procedure
  1. The preliminary talk: In a first consultation, your hair situation is carefully assessed. You will be informed about which techniques are used, how the operation works and what results are expected.

  2. The removal: First, the sampling point is locally stunned. Thereafter, the hair follicle groups consisting of 1-4 hairs are removed with a thin hollow needle. This happens completely painless. Because of the fine technique it comes to a very fast wound healing. After removal and control, the hair roots are transplanted directly into the bald spots. This creates an extremely natural result.

  3. The insertion of the hair: With the help of small hollow needles and / or thin micro knife implantation channels are created in the area to be operated. Subsequently, the follicular units are transplanted piece by piece into the created canals with the help of special tweezers. It is important that the transitions to the existing hair are made as natural as possible. Upon completion of the transplant, the entire area is checked for completeness and correct placement of the grafts.

  4. After the operation: After a quality check and evaluation of the result, the hair can be carefully styled. You will receive a detailed description of how to care for your hair after the operation. After completion of the superficial wound healing phase, the implanted hair roots produce new, healthy and strong hair after only three months, which are preserved until the end of life.

  5. Control: We remain in contact with you after the operation and arrange a follow-up appointment in which we discuss the result of the procedure together. This usually happens after 8-12 months. In between, we are available for questions or uncertainties at any time by phone, by e-mail or in person at your disposal.

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