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DHI & FUE Training Course

Serkan Aydin Academy has the experienced medical team in hair transplants.


Enroll now! if you are a surgeon, doctor, technician or nurse and wish to switch your career and develop your knowledge and invest in your future, we have the right training for you, depending on your own profession, we will make sure that you learn the suitable role for you in a hair transplant intervention, without missing any detail in a short period of time.

in Serkan Aydin Academy, you will learn each and every step of hair transplant, whether it was hair itself, hair anatomy or hair transplant, the use of every instrument in every different stage of the operation, and what technique is going to be best.

Learn from the Best in Turkiye

Hands-On Hair Transplant Training


A course specifically designed for Doctors and Nurses who wish to become Hair Transplant Specialists in FUE and Direct Implantation.


The Hair Transplant Training Course is the best option for a you to acquire in depth knowledge and hands-on training on hair transplant protocols and modern FUE.

Hands-on Experience

Learn the medical protocols in hair restoration step by step, and practice the FUE technique on real patients, under the guidance of our medical specialists.

If you are an aspiring surgeon and would like to gain hands-on experience and become a hair transplantation professional, you are in the right place. Serkan Aydin Hair Clinic offers hair transplantation courses to doctors of all ages and backgrounds. If you would like to work with and learn from Serkan Aydin, all you need to do is apply and travel to İstanbul for the duration of the course.

The course program covers different hair transplantation techniques, as well as provides the opportunity for surgical assistance. A full-time curriculum provides the students with all of the time needed to learn and practice in a professional context. Students will receive a certificate, stating that they successfully finished the hair transplantation course and independently conducted hair transplantation operations, usually between 10-15 operations.

The training program at the Serkan Aydin Academy lasts for 6 consecutive workdays. The program is a full-time workload during the days it takes place on.

Entry Requirements

Only registered doctors and nurses – regardless their specialty and or previous experience in hair restoration procedures – can take this course.

To register the following documents will be requested:

  • A copy of your Degree (MBBS/MBcHB, MD, BDS)

  • A copy of your CV

  • Valid Passport and EU Visa (where applicable)

  • Passport Size Photo

  • Home Address

  • E-Mail Address

Breakdown of program & training:

Surgical Assistant training

Graft Cutting



Head Surgeon training

Being the main surgeon in a hair transplant operation & learning related skills


Transplantation of hundreds of Follicular Units

Students will be able to transplant hundreds of FUs on actual patients

Individual Courses & Other details

Our courses are exclusively managed for our trainee doctors, which means it will be non obligatory to share your working hours with other trainee doctors, ensuring maximum hours for hands-on live surgery training process with different cases booked exclusively for your course with volunteer patients, who agree that trainee doctor will participate in their surgeries.

After the completion of the program, the students will have enough experience to start their own practice transplanting hair. With outstanding experience, hands-on training, and extensive support from the head surgeon himself, the students can be confident in their future work and success. 

Why Doctors should learn Hair Transplantation from us ?

Serkan Aydin Hair Transplant Academy has over 1000 graduates worldwide. All of them have gained the necessary knowledge to continue their practice in their respective regions. Most of them cite Dr. Serkan Aydin as the sole influence on their work and the primary reason for their initial success. 

This is enabled by the fact that Serkan Aydin Hair Transplant Academy boasts more than 17 years of experience, as well as more than 40,000 successful hair transplantation operations. Serkan Aydin Academy also boasts the most modern facilities and technologies at its disposal. With such resources available to our trainees and students, it is not surprising that all of our graduates manage to find work or start their practice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Included In The Course Price?


Included in the course price;

  • FUE & DHI Hair Transplant Training (6 Days)

  • International Accredited Certificate

  • Training Materials (Booklet, Promotions)

  • Hotel Accommodation

  • Airport Transfers

  • Lunch

  • Coffee Break


Who Can Attend Hair Transplant Course?


Hair Transplant Course is for doctors and healthcare professionals. Since the hair transplant operation is a surgical aesthetic procedure, we call the technician assistant as an operating room nurse, emergency medical technician, midwife and anesthesia technicians and similar health personnel.


What is a Hair Transplant Technician?


Hair transplant technician is called the healthcare personnel in the team of physicians. Hair transplantation course is a course given to healthcare professionals who want to be trained by experts and work in hair transplantation practices by helping the doctor who performs the hair transplant operations. Hair transplantation course is a course that doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals can attend. After the end of the course, people who attend the course are given an internationally valid hair transplant training certificate. This training is given as an applied hair transplant course. People who can perform hair transplantation operations are plastic surgery specialists and dermatologists, and hair transplant technicians serve as an assistant to the doctor who performs the application during the application.


Can anyone who gets a certificate become a hair transplant specialist?


In order to receive a hair transplant certificate, the courses opened by the Serkan Aydin Academy must be successfully completed. Participants who are successful at the end of the hair transplant course are entitled to receive a certificate. People who attend the hair transplant course must be a health professional. Certified nurses and healthcare professionals can work as hair transplant technicians to assist the practitioner.


Mandatory Information and Documents for International Registration


1- Certificate of Citizenship, Passport (JPG)
2- Your contact number / e-mail address
3- The address information to which the certificate and cardcert europasscard will be sent
4- The name of the training program you want to enroll

5- A copy of your Degree

6- Valid Passport and EU Visa (where applicable)

7- Passport Size Photo


1st day theoretical explanation


-Hair transplant history



-operating room preparation

-materials used in hair transplant


-11:30 - 12:00 

coffee break

-operation stages

-determination of donor area

-graft extraction stage

-storage of grafts

-dissection of grafts


lunch break -


-determination of planting area

-planting stage

-post-op follow-up

-incision stage

-presentation of the medical company


2nd day practical application 10:00-17:00


-operation room preparation        

-patient reception 


-determination of the patient's hairline

-patient's haircut -fue operation until 17:00 in the evening

3rd day practical application 10:00-17:00

4th day practical application  10:00-17:00

5th day  practical application 10:00-17:00

6th day practical application  10:00-17:00

7th day practical application  10:00-17:00

''Innovations to be experienced only come from those who know the old.''

Serkan Aydin

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