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Is hair transplantation painful?


Since the removal of the hair roots is implemented under local anesthesia, the purpose is to make the patient feel no pain during the Transplantation. Only a slight pressure feel is reported, Nevertheless, that causes no discomfort. Likewise, the healing phase is completely pain-free.

Can the missing hair be seen at the donor site?

No. This is precisely the great advantage of FUE Technique over the FUT technique. By FUE, only small grafts are taken up to four hair roots, no scars remain. Only on closer inspection and under brighter spots, small sized pored can be realized, but do not stand under the hair.

How long does it take for the transplanted hairs start to grow?


After the transplantation, the hairs need about three months to begin growth. In general, patients witness significant hair growth permanently approx. from the fifth month . Not later than nine months, about 90 percent of patients have beautiful, natural-looking and voluminous hair.


How long will the transplanted hair grow?


There is no limit for hair growth. Since it is the body's own hair, they lead their growth simply elsewhere and continue to grow as long as permitted by the genetic hair length of the patient.


Can foreign hair be transplanted?


It is only natural hair for transplantation into question. Likewise the organ transplant , because of the lifelong medication works, the body would reject the foreign hair directly.

Can both genders have hair transplantation?


Men and women who are more likely to comply with butch and suffer from hair loss due to excess testosterone, can undergo hair transplantation.


What about the minimum age in hair transplantation and is there an age matter?


Age plays only a minor role in transplantation, The reason for the hair loss is more important. Just the hormonal hair loss can be well operated by this method. Basically, Men and women can suffer from increased hair loss with the excess of male hormones until the age forty.


How long does hair transplant take?


For the actual transplantation, the doctors require about 3 to 5 hours. Since the transplant also requires a before & after study, patients should plan about two days for the hair transplant. After 15 days the last traces of the treatment can be examined.

What are the risks of hair transplant?


Since this is not an operation under general anesthesia; the risks are generally relatively low in the hair transplant. It may cause an intolerance of the local anesthetic. Side effects of the transplant itself are not yet known.


Can you influence the later appearance of hair?


Yes, this is possible. If patient desires a certain direction of growth, he should discuss in advance with the doctor to find a common solution. After the hair finally taken their growth, they can be styled as usual.

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